Agreement, T & C

Agreement, Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below apply to all coaching and mentoring services provided by Tajana Velikinac – LoveSelf ( coach), to any individual or organisation (“the client”) and constitute the contract for the service to be provided by LoveSelf for the client. The term ‘coaching’ as here used covers life coaching, personal coaching, personal development, executive coaching, and business coaching for clients and where applicable includes mentoring or supervision services provided for clients, coaches, or others.

All coaching services and communication, email or otherwise, delivered by me, Tajana Velikinac, as well as information on this website ( are meant to help you work on personal development in order to move forward into happiness, well-being and abundance. Coaching is not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical care.

You understand that all comments and ideas offered by your Coach are solely for the purpose of aiding you in achieving the defined goals you create with your Coach.

Your Coach will do everything possible to support you in achieving your own results and desired outcomes.

You are responsible for the cause of all change in your life.

Your Coach will work with you to identify solutions and offer suggestions, options and advice based on their own personal experience, training, and the information appropriate.

You accept full responsibility for all decisions and courses of action.

You as Client, by signing this Coaching Agreement agree and acknowledge that the Coach is not a licensed therapist, medical adviser, professional mental health care or medical care and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any mental health or medical conditions. You also understand that your Coach is not acting as a mental health counsellor or a medical professional.



Your coach will not reveal that you are in a coaching relationship without your express consent. You are of course free to discuss the coaching relationship with anyone at any time.

Data Protection

You understand that your Coach will protect your information as confidential unless you state otherwise in writing. If you report child abuse, elder abuse or neglect or threaten to harm yourself or someone else, you understand that necessary actions may be taken, and your confidentiality agreement may be limited in this capacity.

Data Security

You understand that the use of technology is not always secure and you accept the risks of confidentiality in the use of email, text, phone, WhatsApp, Skype and any other technology.


The first Coaching/introduction session is free of charge.

All Coaching Sessions are scheduled in advance by direct agreement between you and your Coach. If for any reason you cannot attend a scheduled Coaching Session you are fully responsible for informing your Coach and arranging an appointment at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise, the session will be deemed forfeit. You are responsible for rescheduling via phone or contact (and receiving a reply) via email.

There is no extra charge for brief “catch-up calls” between your Coaching Sessions, whether to discuss an issue or concern or share something great! Your Coach provides this free additional service to give your superior value and results.

Your Coach is available during the week via email to share wins, seek clarity on actions or review minor issues. Again, there is no charge for any of the brief “catch-up emails”.


If you wish to cancel the agreement and payments within 5 business days of the date indicated, you may do so for a full 100% refund of any monies paid less the cost of any products delivered. This refund is only available if services have not commenced in any way rendering any refund void.

All notice of cancellation must be in writing and delivered by mail or email to

If at any time wither the Client or Coach believes the Coaching Sessions and agreement are no longer serving the needs of the Client, they may initiate a discussion to rectify the situation prior to cancelling the Program or Sessions.