Tajana Velikinac 

Empowerment coach.

I personally do what I love, and I feel totally fulfilled with my life choices and decisions. Applying easy-to-use methods will help you to discover how to live a prosperous life and it will help you to have the freedom, peace, and love you deserve.

Let’s work together to make it happen…


Over the years, I have worked extensively in learning and practicing different methods to transform myself in a way that would enable me to enjoy every moment of my life.

I can help you too…


Discovering who you are, what emotions you carry, or what behaviours and patterns of your life you should imply can be challenging and misleading you in achieving the best of your life.

My New Life Path is a transformational life program that will guide you in finding yourself and live your life to its optimum.

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Certifications and training

- BA (hons) Management

- Deep PEAT Processor Training

- Psychology - Level 4

- Child Psychology - Level 5- Advanced Diploma

- Neuro Linguistic Programming- Practitioner level

- Life & Performance Coaching- Practitioner level

- Stress Management Coaching Cerificate 

- Meditation leader

- Heal your life workshop leader

- SEND (special education needs and disability) Diploma

- ADHD, Autism & Dyslexia Diploma