Many methods teaching us today to think positively.

I am not saying it's wrong. But when you have some negative thought or belief and you are trying to change by thinking positive and saying affirmation and after some time you notice that it doesn’t work you are going back to negative energy.
This is happening because you are pushing negative feelings down and it always coming back to you.

With this unique technique PEAT, we connect positive and negative feelings or believe and they became oneness.
We live in a dual universe where every phenomenon has its opposite: sadness – joy, light-dark..
The innate aspiration of every human being is to become whole. PEAT allows us to do that.

After the PEAT process, you can use an affirmation. Affirmation now makes more sense, because it enters pure consciousness.

Spiritual Technology methods are among the quickest and safest. They are adapted to contemporary man. They are safe. And they are simple, quick, inexpensive and very, very efficient.

PEAT (Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence) is a group of methods developed by Mr. Živorad M. Slavinski, a great thinker and innovator in the field of human consciousness. His work in this field has lasted more than 60 years and includes many methods and techniques for solving the intellectual, emotional and spiritual problems.

 PEAT Therapy can be applied on anything that has had emotional charge: depression, anxiety, stress, phobia, insecurity and much more.