Tajana is an amazing, kind Heal Your Llife workshop leader and provides a safe and calm environment. Her wisdom and experience shines throught.

                                                                                   Davinder Chauhan


The examples she gave us and the stories she shared with us awakened my awareness and opened my heart, and enable me to feel that I can change...I feel so appreciated to have listened to her words of wisdom.

                                                                                               Lucy Luset Yaes

Tajana's workshop on Negative messages was presented in fun and engaging way. Her visual exercises were powerful and most welcome, as were her examples and scenarios. 

I really enjoyed the workshop and learned a great deal.

                                                                                      Anne Denson

I had the good fortune to attend Tajana's HYL workshop and Negative thinking. It was amazing.

A briliant HYL leader who is very carring and empathetic. 

I will definitly attend one of Tajana's workshop again.

                                                                                   Marie Connolly


Exceptional expertise, simplicity in communication,skill, and problem recognition. And targeted activity towards solving it. After communicating with Tajan, confidence is high. All recommendations from the heart!

                                                                                                 Sladjana Saric

                                                                                                    Novi Sad